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Thierry Boissel

St. Joseph in Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles

For the new construction of St. Joseph's Church north of Paris, the artist Thierry Boissel developed the excellent concept for the stained-glass painting, the main piece of which, the self-supporting glass facade measuring 6 x 18.5 meters, is also a special technical achievement, as it does not require a metal construction. The glass painting is part of the architecture and its light connects space, liturgy and time. Boissel chose a profiled construction glass as the carrier material, which, due to its physical depth, allows a special interaction of the vertical colored stripes that lie on the interior and exterior surfaces. The light creates a spiritual atmosphere that changes depending on the time of day and location. Green, orange, yellow, blue, red and grey allude to the creation of the world. Each color symbolizes a day, with the seventh day being the sum total. This is also to symbolize the commune of Montigny-lès-Cormeilles. The project won the first prize of the international CODA-Worx Award 2020.

Saint Joseph
53, rue de la République
95370 Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles
Inauguration May 5, 2019


Malerei: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

LINIT U-Glas: Glasfabrik Lamberts, Wunsiedel


ENIA Architectes


Coda Worx Award


Thierry Boissel, glass painting, St. Joseph, Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles, 2019, Fotos: © Sukyung Jung