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Experimental Archaeology: Glass Furnace Experimentt

The reconstructed Roman glass furnaces in the Roman Villa Borg Archaeological Park and the associated projects are the first of their kind in Germany. In addition to the experimental archaeological reconstruction of initially one glass furnace, the project also includes a lehr based on the Roman model.

spiritschweppes Marketing-Cabinet

On the trail of Coca-Cola: The private blog with show depot illustrates the development of the branded article in everyday culture using the example of historical beverage containers.

  • spiritschweppes, 2020 © Hans-Jürgen Krackher
  • spiritschweppes, 2020 © Hans-Jürgen Krackher

Forest Glas

The exemplary recovery, conservation and restoration of environmentally damaged archaeological finds using the example of medieval glass and glassworks in the Weserbergland region (Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia). Project Management University of Bamberg, Prof. Dr. Rainer Drewello


Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Würzburg

Services related to glass as a material can be found here in the glass competence field at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Würzburg. In addition to the development of glasses and glass ceramics, we offer rapid standard processes for the manufacture and characterization of glass.


Ancient Glass – Science & Research

Information for glass collectors, essays and reports on glass cutting and glass cutting, on transparent and intermediate gold painting.

Dr. Verena Wasmuth, Berlin – Expert for European glass and glass history

Services around collections, publications and events related to glass, e.g. conceptual and organizational implementation of inventory projects, exhibitions or symposia.

  • Porträt, 2018 © Verena Wasmuth, Foto: Alexandra Sell