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List of glass museums

The Committee “Fachausschuss V” – Glass History and Glass Design in the German Glass Technical Society DGG – maintains a directory of museums in Germany with significant holdings of hollow glass, flat glass and glass art from antiquity to the present.


Achilles-Stiftung, Hamburg

The Hamburg Achilles Foundation is mainly engaged in the field of contemporary glass art, with a focus on modern studio glass. The Foundation’s collection currently consists of over 300 important works by internationally renowned artists and is exhibited as part of a museum operation.

  • Achilles-Stiftung-Außen und Innen © Achilles-Stiftung
  • Achilles-Stiftung-Außen und Innen © Achilles-Stiftung

European Flacon Glass Museum, Kleintettau am Rennsteig

Here, the glass flacon from antiquity to modernity as well as the perfume and cosmetics culture of Europe are the focus of attention. Unique highlights include the permanent exhibition “Perfume Flacons – A Journey through Time in the 20th Century” and the visitors’ gallery, with a view of the production facilities of the cosmetic container glass manufacturer Heinz-Glas.

  • Taschen Flakons und Produktkatalog um 1930 © Glasbewahrer am Rennsteig e. V.
  • Taschen Flakons und Produktkatalog um 1930 © Glasbewahrer am Rennsteig e. V.
  • Taschen Flakons und Produktkatalog um 1930 © Glasbewahrer am Rennsteig e. V.

The Gernheim Glassworks, Petershagen

The art of glassmaking is at home on the Weser. Many mouth-blowing works used to produce glass for the world market here. In most of the factories the fires have been extinguished long ago. We have resumed production at an original location for our museum visitors.

Glasmuseum Frauenau

The state glass museum Frauenau is dedicated to the history of glass culture. The first section is a time travel through the history of glass production from ancient times to modern times. A second tour tells about life and work in and around the glassworks. Modern glass art forms the third museum section.

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Glasmuseum Hentrich, Düsseldorf

3500 years of glass art, permanently exhibited with over 3000 works of glass art on 1200 square meters – one of the most important glass collections in the world.

Please note that the Glass Museum is currently not accessible to visitors due to renovation work. The reopening is expected to take place in summer 2022.

  • LVR-ZBM © Kunstpalast Düsseldorf

Glasmuseum Weißwasser

The Weißwasser Glass Museum was opened in 1996 in a glass manufacturer’s villa in Weißwasser/Upper Lusatia. With over 60.000 exhibits, it shows the development and history of the Lusatian glass industry.

  • Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Kubus-Geschirr, VLG 1938/39 © Glasmuseum Weißwasser, Foto: René E. Pech

Glasmuseum Wertheim e.V., Wertheim

The more than 3,000-year history and technological progress of glass as a material, from the luxury glass of antiquity to the Wertheim laboratory glass industry, is conveyed: exhibitions / glass play stations / ball-blowing / Christmas exhibition (Advent 1 – January 6) / “energy trail” to borrow.

  • Fotos © GLasmuseum Wertheim e.V.
  • Fotos © GLasmuseum Wertheim e.V.
  • Fotos © GLasmuseum Wertheim e.V.
  • Fotos © GLasmuseum Wertheim e.V.

spiritschweppes Marketing-Cabinet

On the trail of Coca-Cola: The private blog with show depot illustrates the development of the branded article in everyday culture using the example of historical beverage containers.

  • spiritschweppes, 2020 © Hans-Jürgen Krackher
  • spiritschweppes, 2020 © Hans-Jürgen Krackher

Museumsdorf Baruther Glashütte, Baruth/Mark GT Glashütte

In the former production rooms of the “Neue Hütte”, built in 1861, the 300-year history of the site is told and the 3000-year tradition of glass culture is shown.


Netzwerk Glas Museen

The Network Glass Museums is a cooperation project of seven glass museums and museums with glass departments in North Rhine-Westphalia. Each of the museums in the network shows glass objects with individual focuses in its exhibitions.


Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (CZ)

Collections of glass, ceramics and porcelain. The collections of glass, ceramics and porcelain are among the largest and most significant holdings of the UPM in Prague

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (DN)

CIAV – Centre International d’art verrier (F)

MusVerre/ Sars-Poteries (F)

The Finnish Glasmusem / Finnisches Glasmusem (FI)

Victoria and Albert Museum – Glass Collection (GB)

The V&A’s glass collection is one of the largest and the most comprehensive in the world, showcasing the development of design and technology in glass-making over 3,500 years.

Nationaal Glasmueum (NL)

The Glass Factory (SE)