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Furniture in the air

Peter Rath, a true connoisseur of the subject and member of the Viennese glass dealer family Lobmeyr, presents with this book a reference work on the European crystal chandelier. For the publication he could draw from the extensive archives of the chandelier specialist Josef Holey (1899–1986), who is named as co-author for this reason. The volume, which is almost 400 pages long, contains around 850 reproductions of historical photographs, drawings, maps, newspaper cuttings and notes, which Holey had collected with the aim of writing an encyclopaedia on the chandelier. Rath devoted himself to the tremendous work of sorting this valuable information and edit its contents. He traces the historical development, points out regional peculiarities and gives practical advice on cleaning and restoration. The condensed information is a real treasure trove for anyone who deals with chandeliers and lighting fixtures, and who is willing to pick up the many loose ends. The volume is published in a German and English edition.

Peter Rath, Josef Holey
Furniture in the Air
The chrystal chandelier in Europe
Hardcover, 400 pages
Price: 65 €
ISBN: 978-3-99028-891-7