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Commemorative Book for Peter Steppuhn

This volume, entitled Excavation – Research – Communication, has been published in memory of the archaeologist Peter Steppuhn, who died after a short illness on April 17, 2018. It brings together contributions from 21 well-known academics and fellow-archaeologists. They have either been associated with Peter Steppuhn’s projects or are grateful to the deceased scholar for the significant inspiration he gave them. A prominent place is occupied by the contributions relating to excavations in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and to the report about Steppuhn’s other activities in the Taunus region. The essay about the Wieda Glassworks in the Harz foothills is the first major scientific account of that important centre for glass production. Contributions from Switzerland and also from Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia bear witness to the wide influence of Peter Steppuhn and his exceptional achievements in the field of glass archaeology.

Grabung – Forschung – Vermittlung. Gedenkschrift für Peter Steppuhn
Ed. by Gerd Dethlefs, Wieland Kramer, Christian Leiber und Hermann Wessling. Wuppertal 2019.
300 pages with numerous illustrations
Format 20 x 26 cm
ISBN 978-3-9814271-6-5
29,80 Euro